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fishkeeper rewards

Fishkeeper Rewards is Fishkeeper Scotland's free loyalty scheme. Member receive a Rewards Card that collects points and makes them eligible for special offers in store.

Find out more on our Fishkeeper Rewards page.


Fishkeeper Rewards Terms & Conditions

  • Fishkeeper Rewards is Fishkeeper Scotland’s loyalty scheme available across all of our stores in Scotland.

  • Everyone joining is given a membership card which is presented during each purchase - which makes them eligible for special members-only offers, and allows them to earn points that can later be redeemed for discount off future purchases.

  • Fishkeeper Rewards is completely free to join

  • You can join in any of our stores in Scotland

  • Cards/points can be earned/used/redeemed across all stores in Scotland



  • You earn 1 Point for every £1 spent in store.

  • Points are stored on our system on the customer’s record

  • 1 Point equals to £0.01 of currency that can be used against a future purchase

  • Points can then be redeemed as a payment method during their next visit.

  • You can decide to redeem their points at any time after purchase or they can choose to build them up and use at a later date.

  • You have the opportunity to earn extra points on certain product ranges. These will vary and can change without notice.

  • Double points can also be earned on product categories. They are also subject to change.


  • We will also offer other promotions like “Get X for Y, if you’re a Fishkeeper Rewards member” will be displayed around the store. These are also subject to change without notice and are not able to be used in conjunction with any other offer.



  • Throughout the year we will have events for you which will be an opportunity for customers to get extra benefits like more discounts or extra Rewards Points.

Free Gifts

  • At different points through the year we will offer our Fishkeeper Rewards members a free gift. Generally you will be invited to collect this in store via email.

Monthly Prize Draw

  • Every month we will randomly draw one receipt-number from all sales with a loyalty customer tied to it across all stores in that calendar month. The customer tied to this invoice will be the winner of our monthly prize draw.

  • Prizes will vary in value, size and type every month.

  • You just have to make at least one purchase in store to be automatically entered into this draw. Multiple (separate) purchases means multiple entries. Only one purchase per day is valid as an entry - i.e. you may only have the amount of entries in relation to how many days in that calendar month.

  • The winner will be contacted via the email address that is tied to your customer record.


  • You will receive a newsletter with your points balance every month, a reminder of what offers are available in store, and invitations to events for other exclusive offers that we think may be of interest to you.

Other Benefits

  • You can opt to receive a copy of your receipt via email.

  • We can offer automatic registration for warranties on electrical products that offer it - since your details are connected to the invoice.

  • If you lose your receipt or proof of purchase, we can find the sale much quicker with your loyalty card number.

Other Terms

  • Points have no cash value and can not be redeemed for cash.

  • Non-redeemed points expire after 12 months and inactive accounts are periodically removed.

  • Fishkeeper Scotland reserve the right to refuse point redemption and can cancel your card at any time.

  • Staff and franchise staff (i.e. garden centre staff) are not allowed to have or use a Fishkeeper Rewards card alongside their staff discount.

  • Offers and benefits are subject to change.

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