about us

We have 13 stores across Scotland that are "run by fishkeepers for fishkeepers" and offer everything for the fishkeeper

We are an independently operated arm of Maidenhead Aquatics, who have more than 160 specialist aquatic stores across the UK

We work closely with our livestock breeders and suppliers across the globe and have access to the widest and healthiest range of fish and invertebrates possible whilst ensuring we are sustainable

Our stores offer a wide range of products from market-leading brands such as JBL and Microbe-Lift, and exclusive products only available from our stores such as our beautiful range of AquaOak Aquariums

Our teams in-store are full of people who share the enthusiasm for the hobby, and if you’ve visited more than one of our stores, you’ll know that each branch has its own character and specialities


Our Timeline

Run by Fishkeepers for Fishkeepers

Member of the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association 

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