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Our long-term relationships with well-known manufacturers and suppliers means that we can source new products before the rest of the industry.


We offer a comprehensive range products, but if there's a product you want that isn't in our stores, we can order it in for you.

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  • API

    API has been developing and perfecting products and solutions for indoor aquariums for over 40 years. API’s family of products includes treatments, testing, nutrition, and equipment and pond products.

  • Affinity

    Affinity Living Feature Pools are a stylish and unique raised living water feature pool available in a variety of styles. Affinity introduces a fresh dimension to any garden, patio or decking, with no need for any digging!

  • Aqua Marin

    These aquariums have been carefully designed and constructed by our experienced fishkeepers to enhace the marine fishkeeping experience. This range has some brilliant new and unique features.

  • Aqua-Substrate

    Aqua-Substrate is the perfect solution for aquascaping any type of aquarium. Not only does it look great, it provides a natural media for beneficial bacteria to grow and so help towards keeping your aquarium balanced. Aqua Substrate aggregates are completely inert and are available in a wide choice of colours and sizes.

  • AquaCare

    AquaCare fish foods include natural ingredients, resulting in a range that is full of goodness for all tropical and coldwater fish. The ingredients used throughout the range have been chosen to make the foods extremely palatable, to supply optimum health and to give fish bright, vibrant colours.

  • AquaOak

    AquaOak aquariums are unique in their quality and built to last a lifetime. Made from European and North American Oak these aquariums complement the existing furnishings of your home.

  • Biopod

    Biopod is an app controlled microhabitat that automatically regulates temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall. Simply tell the app what you are wanting to raise or grow and it will create the ideal environment for your plants or animals. The advanced sensors, LED lights, UV lamps, air injectors and integrated misters make this an incredible piece of technology. It is WiFi connected and has an HD camera so you can check up on your animals from anywhere in the world through the app. It can be even be used for herb and vegetables!

  • Blagdon

    Blagdon's indestructible ponds have large shelves to accommodate lots of pond plants, giving them a natural look. They are ideal for fish and wildlife, being very easy to install and there is a range of sizes from 150 to 1250 litres.

  • Classic Aquatics

    Classic Aquatics are a UK based company, founded in 1975. Find their huge range of high quality hand crafted, hand painted, fade-proof and non toxic aquarium ornaments in store now!

  • Evolution Aqua

    Evolution Aqua are an award-winning British company, famous the world-over for their indoor aquarium range. The new eaFreshwater is even delivered direct to your door from their factory in Wigan!

  • Exo Terra

    Available in select stores only - we stock a selection of Exo Terra products for keeping Musk Turtles, like the starter kit, filtration, UV lighting, food, and more!

  • Fluval

    Hobbyists around the world have depended on Fluval for over 35 years. They have built a reputation by developing products that are easy to use, durable, and convenient. Find their range of electrical equipment, accessories, foods and water treatments in store.

  • Gordon Low

    Gordon Low is a UK based pond liner fabricating company producing flexible waterproof liners and containment solutions for any scale of aquatics or water management project.
    Their range of high quality geotextile underlay, EPDM, butyl rubber pond liners of all sizes and thicknesses in store.

  • Heissner

    Heissner's range of high quality water features will make for a stunning addition to your garden or patio. These German made features come in a variety of styles and sizes.

  • Interpet

    Interpet was founded in the UK in the early 1950s with their first product being the popular liquid fish food now known as Liquifry. They continue to develop products for pets and their owners with passion and creativity – striving to make pet keeping more enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.

  • JBL

    JBL is a German brand that places a great deal of emphasis on research. They produce a premium range of professional products, from food to water treatments, hardware to accessories - all of which have been developed with a high attention to detail and with help of their research expeditions.

  • Liberty

    Liberty water features from Blagdon are a range of stylish battery powered, rechargeable water features that can be upgraded to run and charge via a 5w solar panel.

  • Microbe-Lift

    Microbe-Lift are a range of products exclusively available to us. The selection has been developed to treat the various uses of water and recycling of organic matter in home aquarium - including starter bacteria, water treatments, water buffers, bacterial plankton, nitrate reduction, and many more!

  • Oase

    For decades OASE has stood for creative design using water. Fascinating water effects in private gardens to large imposing installations in the public area indicate the broad area of implementation.

  • Pontec

    Pontec have a range of water features, filtration, pond lighting and decoration that are incredibly easy and quick to install.

  • SuperFish

    Superfish's range of "plug and play" aquariums come in many different sizes and styles.

  • Tetra

    Find a range of Tetra products in store. Their new range of foods are exclusive to us in the UK!

  • Vitalis

    Vitalis know you want the very best food for your fish, so they set out to produce the best food on the market: packed full of natural, whole ingredients. After all, it's what's inside that counts.

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