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LINI is the Indonesian term for a “line” or connection. The LINI Foundation seeks to establish firm and lasting connections between all stakeholders involved in coastal resource management. They believe that establishing and maintaining strong connections between all people involved, will lead to the development of long-lasting solutions for sustainability.

The foundation was established in January 2008 by a small group of dedicated professionals, they are one of the few Indonesian non-profits currently working towards the development of community-based marine conservation to promote sustainable fisheries in Indonesia.

LINI works to support the conservation and management of coastal marine resources through science, and the education and empowerment of coastal communities.

We are very proud to be working with LINI to educate and provide a livelihood to locals - whilst helping to preserve marine habitats.

Pin Badges

We have recently produced some pin badges and proceeds from the Bangaii Cardinal badge will go towards our artificial reef project in Bali.

They are £2 each and are available from your local store.

Diagram drawn by one of the fishermen from Les Village.

Our Reef Project

Bali is uniquely situated within ocean currents that promote thriving coral reefs. The island is home to over 2,200 species of coral reef fish, and over 400 species of corals. Until fairly recently, Bali was surrounded by rich coral reefs, particularly on the island’s North, East and Southern coasts. Unfortunately, the use of coral as a building material, destructive fishing practices, and environmental pollution, have seen entire reefs vanish from Bali’s coastline.

The focus of our project is to restore fish populations and enhance habitats, so that these artificial reefs can provide alternative collection areas to reduce the fishing pressure on natural reefs.

The North Bali coral restoration project involves a wide variety of groups, including fishers, marine ornamental exporters and tourism operators, who will all benefit from the presence of healthy reefs. It also provides alternative income sources for fishers, allowing them to make and deploy the artificial substrates, build coral tables and prepare coral plugs.

In an attempt to expand the coverage of the coral restoration site at Les Village, we will be supporting the creation of artificial reefs. These artificial habitats will cover an area of 11 by 5.5 metres, consisting of 91 structures in total.

The structures will have hard surfaces to allow for new coral to naturally settle and grow, and the hollow "fishdomes" will also soon become a refuge for large numbers of fish.

Both structures have been designed to last for many years - long enough for the natural reef to recover significantly and function once more as a haven for numerous marine organisms.

The ‘Mina Lestari’ fishers group consists of 23 local fishers from Les Village, who will make and deploy the structures on the sea bed. The group has been restoring the reef since 2010 for the purpose of habitat enhancement. By direct experience, they have witnessed the slow but sure regeneration of a previously ruined reef. 

About LINI

About LINI

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