Gift Cards

We offer a range of gift cards with different designs that can be loaded with any value between £10 and £500 each. They can be redeemed in any of our stores and come with an carrier to write your own message.


You can also check your gift card balance here. (This link will open in a new window)

Water Testing

One of the most important things in fishkeeping is testing your water. We offer a free water test to everyone after buying their aquarium from us, and more tests are available for a small cost.


We would always recommend you have your own water test kit to keep an eye on the parameters of your aquarium.

0% Financing

We have interest free credit in all of our stores for all purchases above £500. There is a minimum deposit of 25%, then the remaining is spread across ten monthly payments. Financing can be paid off early for no extra charge.

The financier does require that you be at least 18 years old and have a UK address history for at least the last three years. The process is very simple and you can find out how much finance you are eligible for in just a few seconds.

RO Water

Fish all have one similarity: they live in water! But that’s often where the similarities end, as some species come from mineral-rich lakes in Africa or soft and acidic streams in the Amazon. By using reverse osmosis (RO) water, you can remove the limitations of your home water supply to replicate the aquatic habitat that your fish require. Read more about the benefits of RO water here.


Please call ahead to make sure we have some available before travelling to the store.


Have you been put off keeping marines by the thought of mixing saltwater? You needn’t be - as we can supply pre-mixed saltwater. We use Microbe-Lift’s Premium Reef salt which has all the necessary minerals. Buying pre-mixed saltwater can save a lot of time, effort and stress knowing that the hard work has been done for you.


Please call ahead to make sure we have some available before travelling to the store.

Member of the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association 

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