Winter is coming...

Yes, that's right, the Winter season is now just around the corner for us here in Scotland. This means that sadly our pond season has to come to an end for another year...

Before we close off the season though, we wanted to leave you with a few final tips to make sure your pond is well-looked after over the chillier months to come.

To start with this is the best time to get rolling up those sleeves and do any larger clear outs of the pond that you need to do. The water's not too chilly, which means your arm won't freeze off (too quickly anyway), and the general temperature outside is still warm enough so that any disturbances to the water won't make too much of an impact on your fish or other wildlife in the pond. Of course, for anyone that doesn't fancy splashing around in their pond there is also the option of a Pond Vacuum which will help hoover out all the unwanted debris from the bottom of the pond whilst keeping you nice and dry.

Once you've given the pond a nice clear out, the last thing you want is leaves and other bits and bobs falling back in. Getting yourself a nice net to cover the entire pond will prevent larger bits of debris getting into the water by trapping whatever falls on top of the net for you to sweep off at a later point. You may also wish to trim back a few of your pond plants which are starting to look a bit worse for wear. Clipping off some of the dead or wilting leaves will just make sure that your pond stays as clean as possible over Winter.

If some of your plants around the pond are looking like they've seen better days, now is the best time to get yourself some more! There are still plenty of end-of-season bargains to be had in store, including Buy One Get One Free on all pond plants for our Rewards customers.

Now that the pond itself is sorted, it's time to sort the fish. During the colder months, we recommend switching to a Winter diet to help with the fish's digestion at lower temperatures. Not sure which food to choose? Pop in to your local store and we'd be happy to show you our range.

And that's it! Another pond season come and gone!

We hope everyone enjoyed this year's selection of pond plants, fish and other paraphernalia, and we look forward to seeing all you pond keepers next year for Pond Season 2021.

Have a wonderful winter!