The Importance of Water Changes

As many of us know, our aquatics friends need to be looked after just like any other pet. Although they don't quite need brushed or groomed in the same way a cat or dog would, their aquarium and water needs to be maintained to a good standard in order to maximise their health and happiness.

In the wild, fish can be found in rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, and other bodies of water which would be constantly going through natural water changes from waters upstream or currents pushing and pulling fresh water in and out of the system. Aquariums are sometimes referred to as 'closed systems' which means there is no natural input/output of fresh nutrients or water. The best way to mimic this natural cycling of water is through water changes you can do at home.

For anyone who is new to fishkeeping, a water change doesn't have to be labouring or difficult, there is so much equipment and guidance available now to help. We usually recommend changing around 10-25% of the water in your aquarium on a weekly basis to ensure your tank is kept at optimum health. Whenever you replace water from the tank with new water from the tap, you will need to use a dechlorinating solution (often called Tap Safe or Tap Water Conditioner). This ensures that any nasties such as ammonia and chlorine are removed from the tap water to make sure the water is safe for your aquatic pets.

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