Spooktacular Species

The spooky season brings so many frightfully interesting fish to our attention. This is a great time of year to show off and celebrate some of our slightly more obscure fish with names to match.

Some of our stores have been housing a particularly odd species of crab this year known as Vampire Crabs. Check out that those fantastic colours! The glowing yellow eyes of one of these crabs is usually the first thing our customers notice when they peer into the Vampire Crab tank... that is until they realise there's quite a few sets of eyes staring back at them.

Some other scarily cool fish we've been spotting in our stores recently are our Golden Vampire Plecs. As you can probably guess, these fish get their name from their stunning golden brown colouration, and the characteristic "fangs" present in their jaw structure. We certainly wouldn't be squaring up to this guy for a meal!

Another Plec that deserves so much attention, especially at this time of year, is the Blue Phantom Plec. You may have noticed us raving about these spooktacular fish before, and that's because they are just so gorgeous and can be quite a rare fish to find at times. Any Plec enthusiasts out there may also know about their similar cousin the Green Phantom Plec which, unfortunately, we don't have a photo of, but they are another stunning fish to take a look at if you happen to come across them.

And finally, a fish many fishkeepers will recognise, the Black Phantom Tetra. We think these are such an underrated fish in the hobby as they can add so much character to an aquarium. Due to their dark and mysterious appearance they can often be overlooked, however as they grow the fins of the males begin to extend to make, what almost looks like, a cape of stunning black finnage which they can use to show off to the ladies. If you're looking to add a shoaling fish to your tank this season, don't skip out on these guys!

Have you got some truly spooky fish at home? We'd love to see some photos! Tag us in your posts on social media, or send us your goulish photos via our Instagram or Facebook page messenger!