RO & Saltwater - an easy solution

Fish all have one similarity: they live in water! But that’s often where the similarities end, as some species come from mineral-rich lakes in Africa or soft and acidic streams in the Amazon. By using reverse osmosis (RO) water, you can remove the limitations of your home water supply to replicate a full range of aquatic habitats.

Reverse osmosis water, pre-mixed saltwater and jerrycan containers are all available in our stores. You can find contact details for your nearest store here.

What is RO water?

A reverse osmosis unit drives the water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane, resulting in purified water without the hardness and pollution found in tap water.

For a long time, successful marine keepers have been using reverse osmosis purified water (RO for short) to avoid the pollutants in their tap water which can cause algal blooms and kill delicate corals. The nitrate, phosphate and silicate levels of domestic tap water can cause problems in any tank and as advances in aquarium keeping demonstrate the link between these chemicals and algae growth, many freshwater aquarium keepers are also making the switch.

RO water is too pure for aquarium use as it lacks any significant hardness and needs to have some beneficial minerals added. The absence of these essential ingredients makes the pH very unstable but this problem is easily solved by using a remineralising buffer and these are available for both fresh and salt water use, enabling you to produce the correct water parameters for every kind of fish. Unlike using tap water to supply minerals, this enables a pollution-free way of adding much needed carbonates and bicarbonates, used by aquatic life and filter bacteria.

What about saltwater?

Have you been put off keeping marines by the thought of mixing saltwater? You needn’t be - as all of our stores can supply pre-mixed saltwater and reverse osmosis (RO) water. We use Microbe-Lift’s Premium Reef salt which has all the necessary minerals, so you can add the saltwater to your aquarium with no extra additions. With the increasing number of smaller marine aquariums, buying pre-mixed saltwater can save a lot of time, effort and stress knowing that the hard work has been done for you.


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