Pond Season is Here!

Are you as excited as we are for the start of pond season this year?!

There's still a bit of a chill in the air at the minute as we move from Winter to Spring, but this is the absolute best time to be getting out and about in your garden to get the pond ready for the warmer weather coming our way (hopefully). In this post we're going to take you through some of our pond tips and tricks to get you all set.

March is often thought of as the start of the Spring months as we see much of our wildlife returning as the sun comes out and the weather gets warmer. You may see an increase in the number of birds, frogs, and insects paying your pond a visit as we go through the months, and you may also find larger animals like hedgehogs making a pit stop at your pond on their way through your garden during the night. With these visitors making their way to your pond, you'll want to make sure there's plenty of plants surrounding the area to help them feel safe and secure, making your pond a little oasis for them to come to for refuge and a little drink of water.

When planting around the pond we would recommend using a slow release fertiliser along with your aquatic pond soil in order to provide your plants with the energy they will need to produce lots of leaves and flowers over the next few months. We would also encourage customers with more mature pond plants to be thinking about re-potting this season to provide your plants with more space to spread their roots as they grow.

With larger wildlife such as hedgehogs potentially visiting your pond as well as insects and birds, you'll want to consider creating a shallow beach-like area within the pond or providing a ramp of wood to enable animals to get in and out of the pond without becoming trapped.

If you struggle with algae during the brighter months, March is also the perfect time to think about adding a barley straw bale to the pond to combat this algae growth. The bales often take around a month to actually start working, so getting this in and being prepared early will save you time and effort during the warmer weather. The bales tend to work much better in moving water whilst being suspended within the water column of the pond rather than being sat on the bottom.

And as we move into April, the focus will be on plants, plants and more plants as the spring months are the perfect time to pop in and explore the range of new pond plants we will be receiving. We are so excited to welcome so many of our pond keepers back this season for some new bits and pieces as we all start looking forward to the warmer weather.

If you have any pond related queries or questions, please feel free to pop in or get in contact with your local store as our staff would be happy to help! You can find each store's contact details on our website where you can either give them a call, drop them an email, or contact them via their direct Facebook pages.