Panda Corydoras

What are those lovely little catfish pottering around the bottom of our tanks in store? They are our Panda Corydoras!

The natural habitat of the Panda Cory can be easily recreated in the home aquarium. Naturally, these fish would be found grazing on small insects and crustaceans within the sandy riverbeds of South America. Sand is essential when housing these fish to ensure their delicate barbels (whisker like fronds on the front of the fish's face) are not damaged by sharp or coarse pieces of gravel. Within this setting, litter from surrounding trees would normally create shaded hiding spots for them to rest or hide in. This can be mimicked at home using some spider wood and bogwood to make your aquarium look as riverbed-like as possible. The addition of almond leaves to the bottom of the aquarium can also help add to the natural feel due to the extra hiding spots these provide.

Occasionally, throughout the day, these fish will swim up to the surface of the aquarium for air, so a small gap between the surface water and cover/lid should be left to allow them to do this more easily. These adorably social fish can very shy in ones or twos so should be kept in groups to allow them to build up confidence in their new environment. Panda Corys are warm water tropical fish so should be housed at temperatures between 25 and 27 degrees. As one of the smaller species of Corydoras, they are great additions to think about for community aquariums which are a tad smaller.

These fish should be fed on a varied diet including suitable tropical pellet foods, and a mixture of live or frozen foods such as mysis, brineshrimp, and occasionally bloodworm or tubifex as a treat.

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