October Rewards Offers Are Here!

Who's getting excited for Halloween already? Our Blue Phantom Plecs are certainly feeling ready for this month's spooktacular offers.

With pond season now winding down for the colder months, we are now moving towards our indoor season where it's tanks, décor, and fish galore! Don't worry though pond customers... although it's no longer peak season we still have a cheeky deal up our sleeves for you this October too.

We have an exclusive Rewards Cardholder price on all JBL ProPond Autumn and Winter foods in store to make sure you can make the most of our end of season stocks. These foods ensure your fish stay healthy and well fed without fear of overloading them with fats and proteins. In the Autumn/Winter months, your fish will only need to take in half as much protein as in the Spring and Summer months. JBL take this into account when making their ProPond Autumn and Winter foods as they ensure the protein/fat ratio is suited to this particular time of year. Don't worry though, the foods are still packed with plenty of good ingredients such as wheat, salmon, fish oil, shrimp, krill, and corn to ensure your fish's diets are at their best.

We will also be continuing Rewards Cardholder discounts on selected pond fish and plants in store too!

And for our indoor fishkeepers, don't worry, we've got a wickedly good offer to help you get a healthy and balanced diet for your fish too! This October we have Double Points on all frozen foods in store! That makes this month the best time to stock up and get your freezer filled.

Varying your tropical, coldwater, and marine fish's diets can greatly improve their overall health and appearance. The natural vitamins, minerals, and proteins contained within frozen foods such as brineshrimp and mysis can also benefit your fish's immune system, meaning healthier and happier fish. It has also been shown that fish fed on a mixture of both frozen and dry foods tend to have much more energy to move around the tank creating an environment with much more dimension and activity. We'd all love that right?

And finally, we also have a fantastic Rewards Cardholder exclusive offer on our Cherry Barbs this month!

These fish are just stunning - look at that striking red colour! Many of the Cherry Barbs we have in store are still juvenile so will get more colourful with age. These shoaling fish require tropical aquariums (temperatures between 23 and 27 degrees) with plenty of plant coverage in the backdrop and foreground, as well as lots of swimming space. We recommend keeping these fish in a shoal of at least 6 in suitable aquariums to make sure they feel comfortable and to ensure you also get the best out of them. Who's excited about this one?

Go on... Trick or Treat yourself this October! Don't be the one to miss out...

Not already signed up? Our Rewards Card is completely FREE and only takes a few minutes to sort out. You don't have to sign up in advance of your visit either - you can take advantage of our fantastic offers from the moment you sign up! So what are you waiting for?!

We can't wait to see everyone in store this spooky season and are excited to share these offers with you! We wish everyone a bit of an early Happy Halloween, and as always Happy Fishkeeping!