May Rewards Are Here!

Wow, is that May already? The summer season is coming in fast but we're not complaining! Who's ready to get out in the garden and enjoy some summer sun?

We've kicked off our Pond Season with a bang last month, and there's now plenty of plants and fish all set to head off to their new homes. As well as this we have some fantastic Rewards Offers heading your way this month too!

To start things off we will be continuing our exclusive discounts on our Microbe-Lift Essentials. This means that those who haven't yet had a chance to take advantage of this offer can this month! This offer is great for both newer and older fishkeepers as water conditioners like the Xtreme Water Conditioner and filter bacteria like Nite-Out II are something everyone should have handy in the cupboard for water changes or the addition of new fish. Even if you've already taken advantage of this offer in the last few weeks, you can 100% use it again and stock up to make sure you save your pennies in the months to come.

We've gone absolutely daft on Double Points this month as we have not one, not two, but three ways in which you can double your savings on your card! Anyone who follows us on Facebook and Instagram knows how excited we've been getting about the arrival of our Goldfish and Koi in the last few weeks. Their colours and patterns are absolutely stunning, so we can safely say they will make some gorgeous eye-catchers in their new homes. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to offer our Rewards customers Double Points on all pond fish this month to increase your points whilst you bring some new life into your pond!

Keeping with our pond season theme, we are also offering Double Points on all pond planting products. This includes items like pond soil, hessian squares, pond gravel, and planting baskets. Re-potting your plants is something that is often forgotten about but it can be hugely beneficial to your pond plants if you take the time to do it. The springtime is the best time to re-pot plants into larger baskets as this allows them plenty of time over the summer months to grow with plenty of warmth and light. We usually recommend thinking about re-potting plants at the start of each season, but if you can re-pot your plants into a larger basket when you buy them, this will be all the better (for both you and your plants). Not sure where to start with re-potting? Don't worry! Our staff are happy to help in store and can offer helpful advice on how to best go about it.

Although the nicer weather is drawing outdoors, we haven't forgotten about our indoor customers! Now that the kids are back to school for a few weeks before Summer, we know lots of you at home will be taking the time to make upgrades and do a bit more deep cleaning on your aquariums than you might typically get time to do. With this in mind, we wanted to offer Double Points on one of our core brands we have known to be very popular at all of our stores - Fluval! We will be offering Double Points across each and every one of our Fluval products to make sure you can get the most from your money. So whether you're buying a new 07 Series External Filter, or you're collecting some new filter pads for a Fluval internal filter, you can build up any points you earn from these purchases twice as fast through the month of May!

And our offers don't stop there! We cannot tell you how excited we are about our Fish of the Month offers for May... they're simply fin-tastic!

For our freshwater customers, we have an exciting offer on our German and Electric Blue Rams! These fish are an exciting addition to suitable aquariums as they can introduce a pop of colour and really catch the eye of anyone passing by your aquarium. We can see this offer being very popular this month so be sure to take advantage of this one quick so that you don't miss out.

And for our marine customers, we also have an amazing offer on our Pyjama Cardinals! These little crackers make excellent additions to suitable reef aquariums in a decent-sized group. Their shoaling activity brings plenty of movement and life to the water so are worth considering as this month's latest additions.

We will also be continuing our clearance offer on our Fishkeeper Scotland Facemasks this month. Make any purchase in store and you can get your very own Fishkeeper Facemask to wear on your travels for just half price!

We're so excited about May's Rewards Offers and we hope you will be too! If you want to keep up to date on everything Fishkeeper Scotland, why not follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and exciting news!