Livingston's Aqua Marin 900

Fishkeeper Livingston were delighted to set up the new Aqua Marin 900 in store as a wet-display. Here's what they had to say about it:

We are happy to introduce our new 250 litre Aqua Marin Pro 900 Display Tank! 👀🔥

The stunning Aqua Marin Pro 900 is exclusive to Fishkeeper Scotland and Maidenhead Aquatics. It has been painstakingly designed and developed by experienced fishkeepers to provide a high quality, ultra stylish and functional marine aquarium.

Every detail no matter how small has been meticulously scrutinised by a team with decades of experience to provide the best system possible! 🧐🤓👌👍

Here are a few key features:

🐠 Floating Letterbox Weir (less obstructive)

🐠 Removable Ultraflow Weir Combs (30-50% higher flow than traditional vertical weir combs!)

🐠 Twin overflows (one main and one redundancy)

🐠 Removable Twin 4" Filter Sock Tray (socks Included!)

🐠 Designed to be ready for use with the D-D Clarisea 3000! (Simply remove the filter sock tray!)

🐠 Twin VCA RGA outlets with randomised flow generation! (These are very impressive!)

🐠 Floating shelf above sump which houses a 6 socket electrical extension with easy to access cable management ports for easy wiring!

🐠 Vivarium style sump with sliding doors, this aids in reducing evaporation, noise and heat loss! The sump houses: The twin 4" filter sock bracket, skimmer chamber, bubble trap, spacious return pump chamber and an auto top off reservoir!

🐠 All pipework included and no silicone or solvent required!

🐠 Available in 4 finishes Hickory, Matt Black, Matt White and Mekong (Shown in Images)

Hands on:

We spent a portion of Thursday afternoon setting this tank up and transferring the contents of our previous display tank into it. (Never an easy task! 😂)

The cabinet has a 5mm thick foam topper and is very solid in design, edges of the boards are sealed for extra moisture resistance. The Mekong finish is lightly textured which looks and feels fantastic.

The plumbing took literally five minutes. The pipework is silicone and solvent free. It is packed pre-assembled meaning you only need to attach it to the tank. The large cut-outs in the rear of the sump made for easy work when routing pipework.

Simply align the piping, fit the 4 bulkheads, tighten them and ensure the attached pipework is still aligned correctly. Hook the pump up to the silicone return line, tighten your hose clamps and you're done.

Silencing the overflows took a few minutes, simply adjusting the flow on the lower (main) overflow just a touch and the system was silent.

Both doors are fitted with quick release hinges meaning they can removed for easier access in seconds! This came in handy when adding equipment to the sump.

Cable management was a delight due to the ports at the rear of the floating shelf. Simply route the cables up through the openings at the rear of the sump and out through the ports directly to the sockets.

The shelf also came in extremely handy for housing controllers for our pumps etc.

Sump chambers are brilliant sizes, we currently have our reactor and skimmer housed in the middle chamber with plenty of free space around them. The bubble trap has been working a treat.

The first chamber will be used as a macro-algae refugium soon. Thanks to the enclosed vivarium style sump having a glass top we can safely house our refugium light away from any moisture.

The return pump chamber is very spacious, we have a TMC Reef Pump 6000 housed in there with plenty of space around it. You could quite easily fit two in there.

In two days we have seen our Auto Top Off usage halved compared to our old system.

When scaping the aquarium the floating letterbox weir was very easy to work around and actually aided in supporting the scape towards the top half! We find it much more aesthetically pleasing.

We've decided to mount a twin set of the new TMC Reef-Photons on this tank. We are very impressed with the output and controllability on these lights and currently only have them set to 30% (for acclimation).

Taking all that into consideration... the best part of it all? It's only £799.99! 😲

The display tank is still a work in progress as we are still to add some equipment to it and get the refugium set-up. Plenty of coral to be adding in the coming months too, but let us know what you think so far.

It's safe to say we are impressed, every expectation we had was surpassed but don't take our word for it, pop in store and have a look yourselves and let us know what you think.