LINI - Fishkeeper Scotland Reef

We are delighted to announce that the Fishkeeper Scotland sustainable coral reef project, complete with saltire, has been deployed in Les Village in Northern Bali by the LINI Foundation!

Measuring an impressive 11 x 6 metres and sitting at a depth of 9 metres our new reef doesn’t even fit in a single photograph. Within a few weeks and months this previously depleted area of sea bed will be teeming with fish and the early stages of coral growth. In years to come it will provide a haven for all kinds of aquatic organisms and means that a slice of sunny Scotland will be forever present in these tropical Balinese waters.

You can see from the images proudly sent to us by the LINI team that the reef comprising of 88 local community hand made structures including two hollow fish breeding domes and a 3D Nemo-style Clownfish have been expertly put in place at the bottom of the sea by a team of scuba divers. This was really hard work by the local fishermen who had to load these incredibly heavy structures by hand from the shore onto a purpose built raft and then carry them delicately to the ocean floor. Local spear fisherman and freediver Made Partiane messaged us to say “It was two days of real hard work by the team but it was completely worth it to do something positive for our environment and local community”.

The LINI Foundation is a charity based in Les Village in Northern Bali which helps to develop long-lasting solutions for sustainability. They are one of the few Indonesian non-profits that are working towards community-based marine conservation through science, education and the empowerment of coastal communities.

We have been working with the LINI Foundation to construct this artificial reef to restore and enhance fish and coral populations. The reef will provide alternative collection and breeding areas to reduce the pressures on natural reefs. You can see that the reef is laid out to replicate the Fishkeeper Scotland logo along with two fish domes and a clownfish structure.

Bali is uniquely situated within ocean currents that promote thriving coral reefs. The island is home to over 2,200 species of coral reef fish, and over 400 species of corals. Until fairly recently, Bali was surrounded by rich coral reefs but unfortunately the use of coral as a building material, destructive fishing practices, and environmental pollution, have seen entire reefs vanish from Bali’s coastline.

The structures have hard surfaces to allow for new coral to naturally settle and grow, and the hollow fish domes will also soon become a refuge for large numbers of fish. The ‘Mina Lestari’ fishers group consists of 23 local fishers, who make and deploy the structures onto the sea bed. The group has been restoring the reef since 2010 for the purpose of habitat enhancement. By direct experience, they have witnessed the slow but sure regeneration of a previously ruined reef.

We would like to thank our customers again, who have helped raise thousands of pounds for the LINI Foundation. By managing to beat our target, it meant that we also helped to repair some damage to their breeding facility in Northern Bali which was damaged after recent earthquakes in the region.