Green Chromis

What was that flash of green?! That would be a stunning shoal of our Green Chromis!

These fish are absolutely stunning but can often be out shone by some of our other marine species in store... so we wanted to give them a bit of a spotlight this month to show off just how amazing they are!

Green Chromis are peaceful shoaling reef fish which are best kept in groups of six or more. These fish are often referred to as 'dither fish' as they spend the majority of their time out in the middle of the water column. This can be very helpful in encouraging other more shy species of fish to come out and explore the aquarium. Careful attention should be payed when choosing tank mates for these fish as they should be housed with other peaceful reef-safe fish to ensure they are not harassed or bullied

Like most marine fish, Green Chromis should be offered a variety of foods. This can include dry foods such as marine flakes, as well as frozen foods such as mysis, brineshrimp, and chopped prawns. You can also choose to enrich your frozen foods with vitamin additives before feeding which can help the fish keep their vibrant colours. As Green Chromis are very active fish, you should look to feed them several times a day.

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