Glowlight Tetra

What's that sparkle you say? That's our stunning little Glowlight Tetra!

These GORGEOUS shoaling fish could be the shiny new addition you've been looking for!

In the wild, Glowlight Tetra are found in the black water rivers of South America. These waters can be highly acidic due to the tannins released from fallen wood of the surrounding trees. To recreate this natural feel in your aquarium, we suggest using bogwood in the scape itself, and you can also add almond leaves to boost this tea-stained effect. These waters are typically around 25 - 27 degrees, so your aquarium should also mimic this to keep them happy.

As these Tetra only reach around 5cm when fully grown, they make fantastic additions to most tropical community aquariums. They can be a little shy to start with when introduced to a new space, so to help them settle we would highly recommend having some plants in the tank too, ready for them to weave in and out of as they please.

Glowlight Tetra have a fairly simple diet with no special requirements, however we would recommend varying their diet as much as possible as they grow to ensure they have plenty of proteins available to help develop their colours. A mixture of high quality flake food, frozen, and live foods should be offered.

If you think these fish might be the perfect addition to your home aquarium, why not pop into your local store for a closer look? During November these fish are available on special offer for our Rewards customers, making this month a great month to think about picking up some new aquatic friends.