Fluval Bug Bites now available in store!

Fluval are launching a brand-new range of fish foods which are set to be a game changer for aquarists. Bug Bites are Fluval’s all new insect larvae recipe fish food and are the first of their kind within the UK aquatics market.

Why insects?

Since the dawn of time, insects have been naturally hunted by fish in the wild as they are a widely available, nutrient-rich food source. This instinctive feeding habit is the foundation behind Fluval Bug Bites, which incorporates Black Soldier Fly Larvae as the #1 ingredient exclusively across all formulas. That’s because "Fish Love Bugs"!

Black Soldier Fly Larvae is the insect of choice in all formulas of Bug Bites due to it being packed full of the nutrients that fish require for optimal condition. It also provides several super food benefits versus any other insect: appealing taste that fish crave; excellent amino acid profile; high in protein; low in carbohydrates; they have no exoskeleton so are easily digestible, and they are incapable of stinging or biting due to having no mouth, therefore they’re not a pest or vector for disease.

It’s not only insects, Bug Bites is full of other high-quality ingredients!

Despite what some might assume, Bug Bites are far more than just insects. All formulas of Bug Bites include additional excellent protein sources such as whole salmon, which is rich in Omega 3 and 6 for healthy skin, scales, fins and colours. Other high quality ingredients include shrimp, green peas and fish protein plus essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other trace elements that are vital for healthy fish. They don’t include any artificial fillers, colours or preservatives which can be harmful to fish, so the end result is a nutritious, balanced and highly palatable series of complete aquatic foods that fish will go crazy for!

Bug Bites are made using a unique and extremely sustainable process!

Made in Canada, Bug Bites are the result of a joint partnership between Fluval and Enterra. Enterra is an organisation devoted to eliminating food waste and nutrient shortage through the creation of renewable food for animals and plants.

Under controlled conditions, Black Soldier Fly Larvae are raised on unconsumed fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. The larvae convert nutrients into protein and good fats and, after a 14 day feeding cycle, are dried and combined with other high quality ingredients within Fluval’s state-of-the-art production facility. As the ingredients are prepared in small batches within Fluval’s own facility, there is complete control and quality assurance.

Bug Bites is available in five different formulas; Tropical for small and medium/large fish, Colour Enhancing, Cichlid, Bottom Feeder and Goldfish.

You are encouraged to compare the first few ingredients of their current fish food with Bug Bites to see the difference in quality!