Flame Tetra

Watch out! This week's blog post is HOT off the press!

Our Flame Tetra have been a firm favourite for many of our coldwater fish keepers for some time now, so we thought we'd shed a light on why we think they're so fin-tastic!

These stunning fish get their name from the bright red colouration their fins gain as they mature and grow. In nature, these fish would normally be found in the slow flowing rivers of Brazil in South America. The habitats they are found here tend to be clearer waters with a sandy substrate and dense vegetation. This kind of environment is not too tricky to recreate within your home aquarium and we have plenty of sand and aquatic plants available in store to get you going.

Flame Tetra only grow to around 4-5cm so make a great addition to peaceful community tanks with fish that like similar conditions to them. Although they are popular fish for our coldwater customers, they can adjust to a wide range of temperatures up to 26 degrees, meaning you don't have to miss out on them if you happen to have a warmer water tank.

In terms of feeding, these fish are relatively easy going. They will happily accept a good quality flake food as standard, but will also appreciate some frozen and live foods on occasion too. To get the best from these fish we would recommend feeding frozen foods once a week to maintain these Flame Tetra's beautiful red colouration.

Could these Tetra be the perfect new addition to your aquarium? They are currently on offer this month for our Rewards Cardholders so make sure you don't miss out!