Fishkeeper Scotland birthday events raise £1450 for good causes

We are delighted to advise our customers that through their generous support of our recent charity raffles held at each of our Fishkeeper Scotland stores birthday weekends in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness we have raised £1450 for good causes.

This fantastic amount of money has been split evenly between the World Land Trust and the children of Vipingo in Kenya.

We have already been working closely with both causes who have now received a further £725 each of much needed funds.

The World Land Trust have placed the money into their “Action Fund” which is being used to urgently purchase land in Armenia, Bolivia, Borneo, Colombia, Ecuador, India and Mexico to save under threat tropical forest areas.

This is in addition to the money that we have already raised on their behalf by donating £1 from every sale of our Maidenhead Aquatics 30th Anniversary “Bag for Life” made from natural, renewable and sturdy jute fibres, dedicated to buying and conserving an area of Colombian rainforest. In doing this, our aim is to protect an area of wilderness that is home to beautiful and familiar aquarium favourites such as the Cardinal Tetra, Ram and Angelfish, and to thereby help preserve them. So with your help and support, we can help ensure that future generations can enjoy the hobby too. With the new carrier bag charge regulations coming into effect in Scotland on the 20th of October now is a great time to join us and show your support for the wildlife that we all love.

In our search for the very highest-quality fish and invertebrates, Maidenhead Aquatics and Fishkeeper Scotland use suppliers from all over the world, with one of our most trusted suppliers based in Kenya.

Close to the supplier’s facility lies the village of Vipingo – home to many of the fishermen who collect the fish that find a home in your aquarium and to the fish-house staff that care for and pack them. The children of Vipingo are keen to learn and gain a proper education, but suffer from an acute lack of facilities, often being forced to study whilst sitting on the muddy floor of their makeshift “classroom.”

Our supplier has personally funded and organised the construction of an extension to the school helping to enable more children from the village gain an education. We’re happy to say that the main building is now constructed with the new roof due to be fitted soon, and benches have now also been purchased for the children so that they no longer have to sit in puddles during the rainy season.

Seeing the children’s efforts in trying to gain an education reminded us that it’s essential to try and contribute something back to the hobby of fishkeeping and to the communities that support it, so with the help of our supplier, we’ve been helping to supply much needed school equipment in an effort to make the learning progress a little easier for the children.

The extra money raised through your generous support of our raffles will go such a long way to providing even more simple things such as books, writing paper and sports equipment, through this together we are helping to make a tangible difference and help a little towards benefiting these children and giving them a chance at a decent education and the prospect of employment in their future.