February Rewards Are Here!

Is that our February Rewards Offers going out already? We've been extra prepared this February, and we're just too excited about them to keep them to ourselves!...

Firstly, we hope everyone had a fantastic January full of productivity and new adventures. We've been busy busy in stores re-stocking our AquaCare products to make sure we had enough to continue our fantastic Rewards Cardholder exclusive prices into February.

These offers have been so popular that we're absolutely thrilled to be continuing them this month again so that both our newer and older members can take advantage of the extra savings! There's lots of savings to be had on selected products across the AquaCare range including Tap-Water Conditioner, Test Strips, Spirulina Wafers, Flake Food, Bio-Boost, and much more!

You can also allow that New-Year productivity to continue on through February whilst we have Double Points available on all Aquarium Décor in store. This offer is perfect for anyone who's maybe had their aquarium décor for quite a while now and fancies a bit of a change. It's also perfect for anyone setting up an aquarium for the first time as you can build your points up from these items twice as quickly and put extra pennies back into your account to spend later.

Speaking of being productive, we know that many of you keen pond keepers will already be counting down the days until our pond plants come back in stock for 2022. Some of you may already be out in the garden again, prepping your ponds for the return of your regular wildlife visitors. With this in mind, we wanted to offer an exclusive discount on our AquaVac Pond Vacuums to help make the pond spring clean a little easier. Being able to hoover out all of the sludge and debris from the bottom of the pond is a great way to make sure there's no build up of unwanted bits and pieces... and it's also very satisfying!

And we're not stopping there! We also have some amazing offers on our fish for both our Marine and Freshwater Rewards customers.

We are offering exclusive group pricing on our Flame Tetra (a temperate fish) throughout February, as well as an exclusive price on our Firefish too!

We're so excited to get these offers going and we hope you are too! Hopefully we will be welcoming many of you into our stores over the next few weeks for some exciting purchases...