Endler Guppies

Our Endler Guppies are something that tend to grab the attention of any passers by due to their bright colouring and interesting patterns. In nature, these beautiful little fish were typically found in Laguna de Patos in South America until human impacts affected the areas adjacent to this water body. This lake was known to be composed of hard freshwater with a high concentrations of algae present within the water itself as well. Unfortunately, these fish are thought to be extinct within this area now, however, thanks for our breeders and suppliers, we can still enjoy their beauty in our home aquariums as they are very easily bred in captivity!

A natural set-up would be highly recommended for these fish in order to help them feel safe and comfortable, and to enable you to get the most out of them in terms of their colouring as they grow. The use of aquatic plants in their aquarium is highly recommended as they provide plenty of hiding spots amongst their leaves (for both adults and any potential juveniles that may crop up). Endler Guppies are fairly tolerant of varying levels of water flow as they are naturally active fish with lots of energy to spare. As they originate from a harder water environment, these fish should be kept in an aquarium with a pH ranging from around pH 7.0 to pH 8.5. They are also a warmer water species so should be kept at temperatures between 25 and 27 degrees.

Tank mates for Endler Guppies should be carefully considered as they do not always integrate well into all community set-ups. They should ideally be kept with other similarly sized and non-aggressive species which can withstand the same harder waters. Some examples of ideal tank mates include Pygmy Corydoras, smaller species of Rainbowfish, and some smaller peaceful species of Tetra or Rasbora.

Generally, male Endler Guppies tend to be smaller but much more colourful than the females as they are the ones who need to show off to capture a female's interest. In terms of group dynamics for these fish, the males tend to be very peaceful towards one another, so make a great addition as a male-only group if this is what you chose to add to your aquarium. If you would like to keep a mixed male-female group, we would recommend out-numbering your males with females to ensure the males don't tier females out by getting too 'eager'. When breeding activity takes place in the tank, the females can sometimes get very protective of their young, and can be a bit more territorial during these periods. It is for this reason we would recommend a minimum of a 40L aquarium for a breeding group of Endler Guppies as any smaller could potentially lead the fish to become stressed if they don't have enough space to get out of the female's line of sight. These fish, like many of our other live-bearing fish will breed readily and can produce young in cycles, sometimes as often as every 24 days!

The diet of our Endler Guppies consists of both 'meaty' and 'veggie' foods as they are omnivores. In store, we like to vary their diet between some good quality flake foods, frozen foods, and some veggie flakes (like spirulina). This variation in their diet not only helps develop their bright and eye-catching colours, but it also keep their digestion working regularly to ensure they can continue to process their foods properly.

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