Earth Day 2020

Happy Earth Day Fishkeepers!

We thought we’d bring a bit of a home DIY your way today to get you feeling at one with nature.

Although this is a fun activity for all ages, please always supervise your little ones.

DIY Mini Nature Pond

What you’ll need: - An empty plastic box (any shape or size) - Pebbles (washed) - Water - Sand/gravel (this one is optional if you have any)

How to make one: 1. Start off by either digging a hole the size of your box into the ground outside in a preferred spot in the garden. You can also have the box sat out on display (if you choose to do so please make sure the unit or space the box is sitting on will be able to support the weight of the water once the box has been filled).

2. Put the box inside the hole or in the space you have chosen.

3. If you have sand or gravel ensure it is washed a few times to remove surface dust. Then add the sand/gravel to the bottom of the box.

4. Use your pre-washed pebbles to form a decorative wall or shape in the pond. You can use larger pebbles to create little caves and shelters in the water too!

5. Use a watering can or a garden hose to fill your mini pond with water. Tip: make sure the water does not directly hit the sand/gravel on the bottom to ensure the water doesn’t go cloudy - fill by pouring the water slowly onto the pebbles.

And there you have it! Your very own Mini Nature Pond!

If you have additional things like an old water feature pump, you can modify your mini pond to get some water movement going. You could even create a beautiful garden around your mini pond to attract bees and butterflies.

Please share your photos with us if you decide to give this a try! We’d love to see your creations!

Disclaimer: We would like to take this opportunity to say that although this is a pond it is not suitable to house fish as it does not have a proper filtration system which the fish need. These aquatic habitats are made to house things like frogs and newts found in nature which will come naturally to the pond if they choose to do so.