Common Clownfish

We all know the story of Finding Nemo... but how great would it be if you could bring a Clownfish story into your own home?!

In the wild, Clownfish would usually be found bobbing around an anemone, as they form what is known as a symbiotic relationship, in which they provide food to the anemone, and the anemone provides them with a place of shelter and protection. In an aquarium setting, it can be a little trickier to get a Clownfish pair to host an anemone as they rely much less on them for survival when there are so many hiding spots created by the live rock in most tanks. It's not impossible however, but does just take a little bit of patience.

Although Clownfish look cute and sweet, they can be territorial in their aquarium, so in most cases you should aim to keep a single pair to avoid unnecessary aggression. If you do wish to keep more than one pair, we would only recommend this if you have an extra large aquarium and are able to create plenty of visual barriers within the rocks.

All Clownfish are male when they are born, and are often found in the wild in larger colonies consisting of a breeding pair, and lots of other males. Their group dynamic is so interesting, as their it dictates that when the dominant female of the group (from the breeding pair) dies, she must be replaced by one of the males. The chosen male will then change sex and become the next group female. How amazing is that?! In the case of the Clownfish you take home from your local fish shop, the larger of the two fish will become the female.

These little guys should be offered a variety of foods including a good quality marine flake food, and live/frozen foods like Mysis and Brineshrimp, and Marine Copepods as well. These fish are full of energy and are always on the move so should be offered smaller feeds 2 or 3 times a day rather than one large feed if possible.

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