Cherry Barbs

Looking for a fish to brighten up your tank and really bring everything to life? Our Cherry Barbs could be exactly what you need!

You may have seen these stunning little guys during recent visits to your local store as they are a fish that tends to be quite widely available throughout the fishkeeping hobby. But trust us when we say they are such amazing fish to keep at home!

In nature, these fish would be found in the tropical river basins of Sri Lanka which tend to sit at stable temperatures of around 25-27 degrees. Cherry Barbs can be highly adaptable to a wide range of pH (6.0 - 8.0) but the slightly more acidic conditions are usually preferred.

Due to their largely peaceful nature, Cherry Barbs make fantastic additions to most community aquariums. They are a shoaling species so are generally best kept in groups of six or more to ensure they feel safe and are able to enjoy the aquarium space happily.

As they grow you may notice a more vibrant red in some of the fish of the group. This is due to the males of the shoal reaching maturity where they are showing off their brighter colours to attract the females.

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