Black Neon Tetra

Looking for something dark yet mysterious to bring a bit of life to your aquarium? Black Neon Tetra could be just the thing you've been looking for!

These fish are very common in the aquarium trade but are often overlooked for other species due to their dark colours. Don't be fooled by their blackened appearance! In a larger shoal these fish can really make an impact in a tropical aquarium, especially against a densely planted backdrop.

In nature, these fish would be found in the rivers and tributaries of South America with waters ranging from around 24 to 28 degrees. These fish are generally quite adaptable as they have been found to be living in waters between pH 5.0 and 7.5.

Black Neon Tetra are generally known as a peaceful tropical aquarium fish with no complex requirements needed for them to thrive. In our experience, the larger the shoal, the better they tend to do in the aquarium. This is of course subject to tank size, however in most cases a group of at least 6 usually allows them enough of a shoal to feel safe and comfortable.

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