Be a Little Shellfish

At times like these we need to look after ourselves. That means being careful with both our bodies and our minds. The current situation can be tough for many out there. Adjusting to a such a drastic change in lifestyle can be incredibly challenging, especially those that are already dealing with a lot.

Mental health is extremely important. If we have lots of stresses and worries clouding our minds, not only is it bad for our mental health, but it can also take a toll on our physical health as well. This means we need to be a little "shellfish" when it comes to our mental health and put us first. So what can we fishkeepers do to keep those worries at bay?

Well, to start we can take just 5-10 minutes out of our busy days to sit back and look at our beautiful aquariums. Simply sitting and taking in the colours and movements of the fish can help ease our minds and make us feel a lot more relaxed.

The current situation can also be hard for those who find themselves with a lot of spare time as it can be tricky adjusting to no longer having a daily routine. Setting up a routine for the maintenance and upkeep of our fish can be a good way of filling this time in the day. Scheduling days to do water tests, water changes, putting in some time to think about moving the décor around... we could even think about setting up a feeding chart to track our fish's diet.

These are just a few little ideas of how we can keep our stresses at bay with the help of our aquatic friends. Things are confusing out there in the world right now, but we can rest assured that our fishy friends have got our backs.

We live in testing times, but we can get through this Fishkeepers! Stay safe everyone.