Banggai Cardinals

It's time to get talking about our Marine Fish of the Month for March!

This month, we're focussing on our beautiful Banggai Cardinals... just look at the sparkle on these gorgeous fish!

Banggai Cardinals are usually found around the Banggai Islands, a collection of Islands off the far Eastern Coast of Sulawesi. They usually spend their days weaving in and out of the seagrass, anemones, and mangrove roots in the surrounding waters. Generally, they are a nocturnal fish, meaning they will be much more active during the night as they will spend time feeding and exploring their surroundings.

In order to keep them happy in your home aquarium, plenty of nooks and crannies should be provided as well as lots of shaded hiding spaces to allow them to rest throughout the day. They tend to thrive in a spacious aquarium provided with lots of space to swim around and explore. Banggai Cardinals are a shoaling species, so should be kept in as large a group as your aquarium will allow. Generally groups of around 6 to 8 fish tends to work quite well in suitably sized tanks.

Occasionally, like many other fish, Banggai Cardinals can squabble amongst themselves within the tank by engaging in chasing and nudging between more dominant individuals. The results of this are usually harmless and the aggression should be diluted amongst the group (provided these fish are housed in a large enough aquarium). You should aim to create as many visual barriers with the rockwork within your tank as possible to make sure fish can escape the stresses of more dominant fish if necessary.

Care should be taken when choosing tank mates for these fish as they do not cope well with fish that are too large and boisterous. Other small, peaceful varieties of marine fish should be considered and added with care. Banggai Cardinals are also known to be a micro-predator meaning they may see any tiny fish or small crustaceans as food, so keep this in mind when looking to add any new fish to your aquarium.

Due to their enjoyment of tiny foods, a variety of live and frozen foods should be offered including Mysis, Brineshrimp, and finely chopped Krill. To enable them to spread their energy out throughout the day we would recommend feeding 3 times a day at least, including at least one feed after the lights have gone out in the tank to allow their nocturnal hunting instincts to kick in.

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