AquaTropic mini, midi & maxi

Our new AquaTropic starter aquariums are now available in store! This new range consists of three sizes of ideal starter aquariums.

They are supplied with an easy to use silent filter. Replacement filter cartridges are also available in store and they're simple to change.

The ultra bright tri-coloured LEDs are low powered and economical, yet show off the colours of your fish and allow day and night-time viewing.

These aquariums can also be easily upgraded if you wish to keep tropical fish, just ask our teams in store for help.

Starting from just £34.99, these are an excellent introduction into fishkeeping!

AquaTropic Starter Aquarium mini

Includes CFMini Easy Filter and Tri-Coloured LED lighting

Volume: 18 litres

RRP £50.99

Our Price: £34.99

What type of fish could I keep in this aquarium?

The species shown below could be kept in your new AquaTropic mini. You can increase the range of fish of which can you can choose from by simply adding a heater or finding an aquarium slightly larger that will still fit into your space. Speak to a member of our team in store for more information.

AquaTropic Starter Aquarium midi