Aquascaping - The Art of Underwater Landscaping

A beautiful mountain hillside underwater surely can't be possible... can it?

Indeed it can! Through the art of aquascaping, lots of creative aquarists have managed to build truly stunning displays that leave many baffled and intrigued. Why not dive into this world of underwater landscaping yourself?

This interesting hobby began in the early nineteenth century and has since grown into a very popular branch of fishkeeping. From a few materials and some tools, you too can create gorgeous scenery and produce your very own underwater haven.

Studies have shown that taking the time to plan and develop projects such as this can provide an outlet for stress and increase productivity. Your project doesn't have to be huge either! We know that many people may still be working from home due to covid... so why not add a little life to your workspace? A small desk-top aquascape can create a zen atmosphere and help you feel calm during busy working days filled with zoom calls and emails.

Of course larger aquascapes can be amazing too! Our Melville store recently had a beautiful aquascape set up by the wonderful Jordan Stirrat which is coming on just beautifully! Take a look at the before and after shots below.

Jordan decided to create a stunning river bed planted tank which we are now showing off in our gorgeous AquaMarin Planta 1200 aquarium, complete with frosted glass background! Why not take a look at some of Jordan's other scapes over on his Instagram page (@jordanstirrat) for some inspiration? Here's just a few to get some ideas flowing...

Aquascaping is a hobby that you can put your own spin on too, as there is always something different to be done and no two scapes ever look the same.

How would I know where to start? Good question!

Starting out in aquascaping couldn't be easier with the range of brands and products we have available in store to help. We have lots of aquarium soil, tools, and plants to get you going in no time at all. Our rewards card also allows aquascapers to make the most of their money by offering an extra plant for free on top of our existing multibuy deals.

Our staff are, of course, always happy to help talk you through set up and maintenance, as well as recommend the best products we have to suit your needs.

Go on! Give aquascaping a go this summer!