AquaOak Contemporary

We are proud to present the new AquaOak Contemporary range of designer aquariums now available from Fishkeeper Scotland!

Each model in the range is 100cm in length with an approximate volume of 200 litres, making these aquariums the ideal choice for a wide range of suitable fish species as well as fitting neatly into any modern living room environment with their striking looks and accommodating size.

The three options available include the AquaOak 100cm Contemporary which is a reworked take on the classic AquaOak finish built to a more accessible height for ease of maintenance with elegant elongated handles and matching slim profile chrome feet for a touch of class.

Also available are a matching painted AquaOak 100cm Contemporary White model for a modern clean and stylish look with contrasting black handles and hinges.

The AquaOak 100cm Contemporary White Open Top model has been designed with clean lines in mind and is accentuated with neat black silicone edges and a thicker rimless glass profile. Ideal for aquascapers the open plan nature of this aquarium provides so many possibilities for creativity potentially turning this model from an aquarium into a piece of art.