Aquagarden Essentials Pond Vac - Make Pond Maintenance A Breeze

Good pond maintenance is an essential requirement for keeping your pond looking healthy and your pond fish happy, and a good pond vacuum is an essential way of performing that maintenance.

But it needn't be a chore; thankfully, we've just the pond vacuum you need to make cleaning a breeze - the new Aquagarden Essentials Pond Vac, exclusive to Fishkeeper.

This lightweight, easy-to-use model is a heavyweight when it comes to effectively removing waste and sediment from your pond, and it can even be used wet or dry to vacuum around the garden and even in the home! It's easy to maintain and comes complete with extensions and multiple cleaning attachments to make sure the job gets done right every time.

What's more, it's now available for half price!

Normally £199.99, it's now available at £99.99, so keeping your pond clean just got easier.

This great offer is available for a limited period only, so find contact details for your local store to avoid disappointment and discover the new Aqua Essentials Pond Vac for yourself!