Algae Blennies

This month, our Marine Fish of the Month is a fish that upholds its reputation as a bit of an algae fan. That's right, this month we're showing some love to our Algae Blennies!

These interesting marine fish are aptly named due to their love of algae, which is evident in their activities around their aquarium. They spend the majority of their days around the tank munching on any bits of algae on rocks and other surfaces, which is why they are often regarded as a 'utility fish' as they have a little niche within your aquarium. Algae Blennies are hard little workers when it comes to algae control but they also have huge personalities too and can be absolutely fascinating to watch going about their daily business in the tank.

For these fish, we would recommend a well-established aquarium of a suitable size as Algae Blennies can be known to starve in newer tanks with very little algae, or too small a space for algae to grow upon. A larger aquarium space will provide lots of algae for these fish to eat, which in turn allows the algae supply to recover by the time they've gone from one side of the tank to the other.

Generally, due to their requirements (a mature and stable set-up), Algae Blennies should be one of the last fish to be added to an aquarium. As they grow, they can get a little bit more feisty as they gain confidence in their aquarium, so it is recommended to keep only one of these fish per tank. Other tank mates should also be considered carefully due to this to ensure aggression is minimised. Other blennies should be avoided (unless you have a vast expanse of rockwork in a very large aquarium). We would also recommend making sure any corals you have within the tank are well secured before this fish is introduced into the tank as they have a tendency to disturb them when skipping and hopping between rocks.

Although these algae lovers will snack on lots of algae patches within your aquarium, it should be noted that they don't eat every kind of algae. They have been known to relish and enjoy many types of filamentous algae but have been prone to ignore bubble and slime algae. In terms of dietary supplements alongside the algae, we would recommend offering plenty of vegetable matter (such as Spirulina) and frozen foods that contain marine algae. If you have the space, you could also set up a well-lit space within your sump where you can rotate pieces of rock to grow algae on for your Algae Blenny to enjoy as well!

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