A Hobby For The Whole Family

Ever thought of starting a project the whole family can get involved in? Why not try setting up an aquarium in your home this summer?

There couldn't be a better time to get started! With schools being off on holiday for a while the kids will be looking for something to get excited about during their time off.

Taking care of a pet has been shown to have a positive effect on children in the early years of their life, teaching them how to care for other living things and respect them. Much research has also shown that children who learn how to be compassionate towards a pet in their childhood will grow up to be conscientious adults who understand how their actions can effect others. Nowadays, many children are much less in touch with nature than you or I would have been at their age as times have moved on to days of tablets, TVs, and games consoles. Setting up an aquarium in your home is a fantastic way of bringing a little bit of nature into your home for the little ones to appreciate and enjoy.

Although school's out, we all want to make sure the kids are still engaged in learning so they don't become unfocussed when they return to school. Fishkeeping teaches children many lessons in biology, chemistry, ecology, and zoology which many people don't even realise! Ensuring the water is safe for the fish to live in before adding any to the tank, finding out what foods your chosen fish eat, learning what other fish can live with the ones you currently have... these things are all part of the science of fishkeeping, and even we as adults are always learning new things.

It's unrealistic to expect the little ones to get all of this going by themselves, especially when it comes to doing their research, so parents will need to step in and provide a helping hand at points as they go. Aquarium keeping is often much more successful when done as a family, even more so when you set up your first aquarium, as you can lean on each other for support and help when things get a little tricky. There are ups and downs in every hobby and taking this project on as a family allows you to bond over the exciting moments of triumph.

As well as the educational benefits aquariums can have for children, they're also something incredibly fascinating at a young age. Looking into a fish tank to them is like looking into a completely different underwater world filled with plants, rocks, and even a ship wreck or two. Getting the kids involved from the start allows them to get a bit creative with décor for the tank and learn what sort of things will be suitable for fish to hide in and swim through.

And the learning and care goes on after your aquarium is all set up too! Daily tasks such as feeding and water temperature checks give the kids a routine each day to ensure the fish are getting what they need. Longer term maintenance is also something they can get involved in as the aquarium water will need to be tested from time to time as well as partially replaced. Allowing the little ones to get involved teaches them that you as a family are responsible for these pets and need to make sure they get what they need to be happy and healthy.

Fishkeeping is a family friendly hobby great for children and adults of all ages. Our staff are happy to talk you through each step as you go so that everyone leaves feeling confident and ready to get stuck in. We want you to feel proud of your family aquarium and we'd be thrilled to be a part of the journey.

Go on... get the kids involved and start up your own home aquarium this summer!